New beginnings in Oxford

It feels like I have had so many new beginnings, over the last three years my life has changed so much and been in a state of constant change. Recently though, it seems most of these changes will be more permanent fixtures which mean I can start planning for the future; quite an alien concept to me.

Three years ago I worked for a company that made me miserable, and lived at home with my family, I knew I wanted to make move and grow but I had no clear structure of how. I grew up in a nice area but I’ve always been really ambitious and wanted more than what little old Gloucester could offer me. I’m also quite a free spirit and I would have gone anywhere a good opportunity took me, whether in the UK or around the world. Then I met my partner, we knew each other already but mostly kept in contact online, so we decided to catch-up in person for the first time in years. Over a few months, we got into a relationship and started planning a short-term future. She lived in London which was a three-hour drive from me, so the plan was for me to find a job in London so that we could be closer.



We both love to travel and so we went to Spain and Iceland together and she took her own trip to Miami and I went to Kenya. One thing I have always been quite certain on is my career, I work in marketing in the travel industry and knew that at least one of the two had to remain a part of my life. Before I’d had a chance to apply for jobs in London the perfect vacancy came up at a great travel company in an area of England I’d never heard of. It’s based in a teeny Cotswold town outside of Oxfordshire. I decided to go for the job and got it which still worked with our plans; it meant my partner and I were an hour closer, as Oxford was pretty much in the middle of the two of us.


After a year of commuting to work and doing long-distance at the weekends to London, my partner got a new job in Oxfordshire and we could finally live together. We rented the most beautiful two-bedroom cottage with a garden and allowed ourselves the luxury of time, something we’d never had before. During this year we went to Saint Lucia, Devon and Thailand and I went to India and the USA with work, so the year went past incredibly quickly. The area was quaint and beautiful with sandy Cotswold-stone cottages everywhere, but when our year started approaching this August we decided small-town life wasn’t for us, so we found an apartment in North Oxford about a five-minute drive to the centre instead.


We moved into the apartment just a week ago and are currently living without the internet, a sofa and a lot of furniture! I do actually feel really settled for the first time in years though because I am loving the area we live in. With the cottage, although it was beautiful, we always knew was a temporary fix. In the new place, I could see us living here until we have enough to invest and buy a property, (which in this expensive part of the country looks to be around two-four years).


It’s an unusual feeling for me to not have a change of plan lined up anytime soon, but a welcome one all the same. Oxford is a great place to live with amazing architecture, arts and culture – all things I love, I am excited to get involved in some things around here and make the most of living in such an interesting place.

Rouge x

4 thoughts on “New beginnings in Oxford

  1. Candia says:

    Would love to live in Oxford, but find High Street quite polluted. There are plans for pedestrianisation and more electric buses, so hopeful, but will take too long for me, maybe.
    Take every opportunity to come in for free public lectures, though.
    Also thrilled that Blackwells stock my poetry anthology and it is selling! (Under my real name, not ‘Candia.’)
    Thanks for following my posts. May bump into you in Broad Street!

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