How to add a location on Instargram

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I am continuously going to tag my location on Instagram posts and find it either doesn’t exist or it has been written in a terrible way. For example, Gloucester Docks, (until I just added a new location) was coming up as Gloucester Docks and a smiley which probably put a lot of people off tagging themselves there.

It’s really easy to add a new location on Instagram, it just isn’t very obvious.

You’ll need to have a Facebook account

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 which added loads of new functionality to the platform including geotagging which is actually just Facebook location tags.

To add a new one you’ll need to be logged into Facebook on your iPhone (it isn’t available on desktop).

  1. Click Update Status
  2. Click to Check In
  3. Type in the location you are trying to find e.g. Gloucester Docks
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the list
  5. Click ‘Add Gloucester Docks’ it will auto-fill your actual location, you can change this later
  6. Add a category
  7. Search the city
  8. Add a postcode (I just chose a car park as I couldn’t a specific postcode online).
  9. Add a photo at the top
  10. Then click Create.

It will then look like you have tagged a Facebook status update, just click off this without publishing it and the location will be available on Instagram immediately.


Instagram and Facebook locations for business

If you are a business you can either ‘suggest edits’ and add on things like your website, contact details, opening hour etc. which is worthwhile doing.

You can also claim the page and verify it with documents and make everything match your brand page.

Hope that was useful!

Rouge x

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