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Getting beyond the hustle and bustle of most capital cities around the world affords a totally different perspective and that is no truer than in England. With beautiful architecture, historical and political significance weaved among its distinctive boroughs, London has a lot to offer, but step outside its sprawling confines and you’ll find a very different country awaits.

Oxford sits an hour from London Paddington by train and although still a tourist hot spot it feels very different to the chaos of the capital. From Oxford University to Blenheim Palace deciding what to see and do in Oxford can be daunting, especially if you have limited time. Thankfully myOxfordtravel have created day by day itineraries tailored to different tastes and interests such as Harry Potter, history and entertainment. Unsurprisingly with so much in one place, to discover the history of Oxford takes more than one day, therefore their tour spreads across a five-day itinerary, although you can always mix and match what interests you if you have less time.


As a history and architecture lover, I decided to sample day one of their historic self-guided tour. To do so I simply download this from their website and printed it off. The tour came with a great level of practical information including a map and the best time to visit which would be really helpful if you have downloaded your guide before planning your trip.


My guide stated that ‘the city isn’t just about seeing, it’s about the experiences that live on in your memory’ which really encompasses the package it provides. Everything on offer has been designed by someone who clearly has a high level of knowledge and passion about the city, so although a self-guided tour you feel as though you are in the safe hands of a local throughout. The guide even features where to stop for lunch complete with a pricing guide and telephone numbers to pre-book.

My favourite element of the guide was the digestible information offered about each stop saving for the need to carry an additional guidebook or search the internet while you travel. It also lists opening times and even pricing of certain attractions which means you can pre-plan logistics and avoid surprise costs when you arrive at each place.

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