A slice of Thailand

Although moaning about the weather is very much a British characteristic, the truth is, our summertime isn’t actually all that bad – not in my opinion anyway.

Over the last few years, I have enjoyed some amazing summers in England with a good four-five weeks solid of sunshine through the summer and a few bursts here and there in between.

I began Boho Universe in the summer of 2015 after being inspired by the colourful offerings at London markets such as Camden and Spitalfields. Whenever friends would come back from places like Thailand, India or Morocco they would have beautiful patterned textiles that I couldn’t get enough of.


In England, the equivalent items seemed to be unnecessarily expensive on the market stalls or in places like Anthropologie (no shade because I adore this store), or dirt cheap but poor quality from vendors on Amazon and eBay. I wanted to provide people like me something in between which matched the quality you get abroad but without a hefty price tag.



Initially, when I did my research, finding a supplier for the clothing was really difficult, they were either enormous sweat shops selling the products very cheap which suggested they were unethical, or very small and incredibly expensive (especially for someone like me buying in small volume). After months of searching, I found a family-run factory in northern Thailand, after getting to know the owner I found they were incredibly ethical and it felt like one small business supporting another. I was able to decide what patterns and styles I would like and they would make them in a small volume to order.

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Fast-forward to now and I have had two successful summers running Boho Universe through Facebook. We now have fresh styles but sadly due to pricing, I haven’t been able to branch out into other products like I had intended to, therefore my signature item has always been colourful harem pants. We do also stock roundies (large round beach towels) but unfortunately because they are so heavy to post from Thailand (plus hefty import tax) they were always very pricey for me to acquire!


Harem pants however are now just £10! (Previously £20) and you can have them within 48 hours of ordering them via my Facebook store. Just send me a direct message to get started.

This year if you are opting for a staycation in the glorious British summer you can still get a taste of Asia with these beautiful Thai harem pants – and you’ll pay the same price you’d pay in Bangkok!


Check out Boho Universe on Facebook to see the latest styles available! 

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