About me

Hi, I’m Alice, thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! I have been working in marketing for six years and specialising in social media for the last four, I began my career in Cheltenham writing articles and organising events within the educational sector before being lured into the travel industry by my love of discovering the world.

I currently live just outside of Oxford in a quaint little village with my girlfriend, but we favour a faster pace of life and will be leaving our pretty cottage for Oxford in the coming weeks.

I used to run an online bohemian clothing store called Boho Universe which my partner and I sometimes resurrect to quench our entrepreneurial appetite.

I love to read and write and I have actually started writing a novel. I also love photography, although I am very much an amateur in this area. I have been really lucky to travel to some amazing countries around the world, my favourites so far have been India, Iceland and Kenya. Next on my travel wishlist are the Greek Islands, Madagasacar and Russia (which I am attempting to learn!).

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Rouge x