Gloucester Cathedral

Top 5 things to do in Gloucester

Often overlooked by its more ambitious neighbour Cheltenham, Gloucester sits quietly amid many Cotswold towns and cities more readily celebrated for their charms. Significant history dating back to the Roman occupation, beautiful examples of English architectural styles through the ages and picturesque waterways are just a few examples of the offerings it's not given credit … Continue reading Top 5 things to do in Gloucester

Creative writing: the red sun

A few months ago, I decided to fulfil my life-long dream to write a novel. I am still in the planning phase at the moment, but every chance I get, I try to write creatively, usually from the viewpoint of my characters to help me give them depth and realism. Today though, I felt the … Continue reading Creative writing: the red sun

Thailand, in photos

It’s no secret that I love to explore new places, but I really don’t enjoy the actual travelling. I get very restless on planes and being in an air-conditioned vehicle for a long time doesn’t make me feel amazing, I have been able to fly business class a handful of times which drastically improves the … Continue reading Thailand, in photos

Carry on as normal

‘Excuse me’ I said for the third time as a leachy man rubbed himself against me on the tube while making eye contact with his friends who surrounded me from all sides. It was about 4:30pm on a Friday and I had been in London for work. I decided to leave early to try and … Continue reading Carry on as normal

How to add a location on Instargram

I don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like I am continuously going to tag my location on Instagram posts and find it either doesn’t exist or it has been written in a terrible way. For example, Gloucester Docks, (until I just added a new location) was coming up as Gloucester Docks and a … Continue reading How to add a location on Instargram