As the world becomes better-connected and air travel more affordable, we tend to look to far-flung destinations in terms of travel. The United Kingdom is actually home to some really interesting towns, cities, wildlife and history – and not just in London. Whether you’re a Brit yourself or reading this from overseas. Here are some of my favourite places to explore in the UK.

Remote Thailand (3)

From Oxford University to Blenheim Palace deciding what to see and do in Oxford can be daunting, especially if you have limited time. Thankfully myOxfordtravel have created day by day itineraries tailored to different tastes and interests such as Harry Potter, history and entertainment. Read more…

Remote Thailand
Known by the rest of the world for its University, Oxford is perhaps not the first place that springs to mind as a place to visit within the UK to those who live nearby. Having grown up in Gloucester, I admittedly, had the somewhat narrow-minded perspective that the options for an interesting lifestyle in a new city… Read more…


Sitting in the shadows of it’s more ambitious neighbour Cheltenham, Gloucester is often overlooked. Here are 5 things that make it well worth a visit. Read more…

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